Foxhall Group's ability to assist our clients spans the globe. Our advisors know the global marketplace, the workings of governments and are issue experts across key sectors and industries. We are also able to arrange introductions to potential partners and investors, and we will guide our clients throughout a project's duration.

Areas of Expertise

Strategic Advisory  

Foxhall Group provides clients with risk assessments and strategic advise about the increasingly complex markets in which they operate. We help our partners evaluate the political landscape and identify opportunities for sustainable success by providing:

  • Case-by-case advisory services to emerging market stakeholders on German and European Union market access issues as well as public relations and media access consultancy
  • Relationship building with key government, business and civil society stakeholders
  • Identification of and introduction to prospective business and strategic partners
  • Detailed assessment of investment climates and analysis of regulatory environments, and how these will impact our clients' long term growth plans
  • Advise emerging market governments on how to attract international businesses and investors
  • Development of detailed political and economic intelligence reports for the US, Europe and emerging markets
  • Organization of tailored trade and media missions on behalf of emerging markets to open commercial and opinion leadership dialogue


Advisory Boards:

  • Advisors of the Foxhall Group are able to join advisory boards for temporary or permanent positions or can introduce suitable individuals

Executive Boards:

  • In certain situations where a more hands-on approach is required, the Foxhall Group can provide executive board positions

Search Services:

  • Utilizing our extensive network to political leaders, business executives, senior diplomats and thought-leaders worldwide, the Foxhall Group can provide confidential search services for executive positions or board memberships

Speaking Engagements and Conferences Services:

  • Advisors of the Foxhall Group are available for speaking engagements and can help identify and recruit world-class speakers to participate at clients' events

Introductory Services:

  • Occasionally, our clients needs a simple introduction. Advisors of the Foxhall Group can help with such requests on a selective basis


Understanding political events, terrorism and a constantly changing security landscape as they happen play a vital role in our client's day-to-day operations. Navigating and responding to crises while maintaining long-term vigilance and future preparedness is a key ingredient for companies in today's world. With over 30 years of expertise in political and risk management ranging from security and stability assessments to successfully dealing with hostage crises situations, Foxhall Group's Advisors are uniquely positioned to:

  • Develop immediate action plans to protect strategic interest in the event of political instability, terrorism and catastrophic events
  • Assess and advise on political and security risks and develop mitigation strategies
  • Advise clients how to continue operations in unstable political climates and how changing events on the ground will affect their interests
  • Help clients understand how the Arab Spring will affect their long term plans and regional dynamics


The Foxhall Group provides cross-cultural training and executive coaching to international companies, governmental institutions, and non-profit organizations on issues related to working and positioning in a diverse business environment or multi-cultural setting.

Areas of expertise include cross-cultural communication, inter-religious and intercultural dialogue, team-building and teamwork, crisis management and conflict resolution, as well as business etiquette and business behavior in a cross-cultural setting.

  • Cross-Cultural Consulting, Executive Coaching and Training
  • Academic Research and Teaching in Middle Eastern Studies


Businesses and investors face a wide range of issues within the European Union: lingering uncertainty about the future of the Euro currency and doubts about the European Union are forcing a rethinking of sovereign risks worldwide. The proper navigation of this crisis has become vital to businesses and investors to ensure survival, regardless of the sovereign situations. 

Foxhall Group can help navigate this crisis successfully using its deep experience in understanding the internal workings of the European Union. Foxhall Group's Advisors are uniquely positioned to:

  • Develop strategic plans to address perceived political and financial risks
  • Grant deep insights into the workings of the European Union
  • Help with the identification of decision makers and provide an assessment of their most likely views and motivations
  • Assist in understanding cultural differences that drive member state behaviors and processes
  • Provide assessments of political and financial risk